My Wayward, Everyday Moments @ 95448

Promising a memorizing legend would be for sure a stretch even on my most confident days. I really just want to talk about how life has changed for me and seems to be in constant motion. I guess that’s good. Right?
Several friends lately have suggested writing a book. I’ll just do this for now.
I don’t love change. I have to push myself. I like being comfortable and that means “familiar”. I grew up with lots of change and uncertainty. So I really prefer sameness. Unfamiliar places and circumstances gives me a sad and hollow feeling. Home is my happiness. Not just the walls and roof, but my family and real friends.
So as life keeps shifting on me, I’m finding humor in the lessons I’m forced to learn and in making myself comfortable with experiments. Now that’s a good word for change. It makes me feel more in control.
Of course none of us are in control.


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