From Oprah to obscurity. Living and loving life in rural America and searching for Act 3.

A few years ago we sold our family home and moved north to Sonoma County, 95448. From the beautiful and exciting Bay Area to small town USA. A very big life change with many reservations.
I grew up in the Twin Ports of Northern Wisconsin and Minnesota. Almost Canada. So living rural is not entirely new. I have always longed for a view. And believe me, I have a glorious God like view. I’ve missed being remembered by name at the grocery store and dry cleaners and having neighbors who borrow eggs is a reality again. My big question was, “what would I do with my time” And, ” will I feel useless and unproductive”,  or can I continue to accomplish and learn.

For the most part the move has been great. Our home, new friends, no parking meters and a surprisingly uptown attitude for such a small community has made life both easy and entertaining.
The, too much time on my hands, has never materialized. I’ve never felt useless. However, the purposeful and productive question still haunts me. I’ve used my creative urges to re-design our home and garden. I’ve taken more time to think healthy and be more healthy. I spend more time with family and communicate more with old friends and work on making new girlfriends. So what could be missing? I DON’T KNOW!

I’ve never advertised much about my old life of the KN Karen Neuburger Lifestyle brand. Some have figured it out and still gush about the quality of the pajamas or socks. They all seem to have memories of Holidays or Pajama Parties.  It does not get old to hear.

Update: Five years later I continue to search for a part of me.  As the KN KAREN NEUBURGER brand expanded and evolved, comfortable home products became a easy new category. When OPRAH gave me the opportunity to do the interior of an Angel Network home I found an instant joy and new passion to create comfort and joy all around you.  Interior Design was added to my lifestyle.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. I work at a nursing home in Lamberton, Minnesota.This morning we had a discussion about a resident’s pajama’s (and her dislike of them). I commented that it would be so nice if all residents could have Karen Neuberger pajamas as they are the best! If you are ever looking for a place to do some expansion/marketing we would love to be involved.

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