Maybe a sign of OCD, being frugal or not having enough to do (not), but I’ve always been a laundry geek.  My girls still bring me their clothes that need tender care or indelible spots removed.  And yes I guess I take pride in getting the stains out and the endearing pieces of special clothing looking new again.  We all need our own accomplishments.  Here in Sonoma County I do a fair amount of drying and freshening my clothes and linens outdoors.  That just adds to the delight of what I call a country clean attitude. Like throwing open the windows on your first warm spring day.  I’m also delighted that my dryer has a steam setting which tends to fluff out even the oldest sweaters, winter coats, and snugly scarves.  As you can tell I have if not an addiction to being a laundry geek, at least a healthy dedication.

So for my millennial and gen x daughters and people like them, I’m creating a diary. “MOM, the Laundry Geek,”  to go along with all my other advice like: keep your girlfriends close, speak up confidently in meetings and wear clean underwear.

Nothing like clean pajamas.