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Yes I now have an UBER APP.  Getting around LA. is so much easier. I remember walking miles in my corporate heels after the LA Market because there were no taxis to be found. Now we have a ride in 2 to 4 minutes. Of course now I’m usually in my sneakers. Oh well. 

On the plane my seat partner recommended we find The Little Door.  My girls can get us thru any velvet ropes but this place was welcoming. Rustic doors with no sign open to a magical exotic garden. All with trees branches and sparkling lights between you and the stars. Miraculous bartender and beautiful photo deserving  drinks I’ve never heard of.  Yes, food is outstanding and inventive. Best of all: I was with my two daughters. Don’t wait too long to do an adventure with your daughters. On with ours today at The Lot. So excited for today to meet up with my friend and introduce my daughters Dany and Alex to her.