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Be careful what you ask for. Really! After several years of both a “time out” and “time off”, I’m seriously back to work.
I was exhausted my first day. As if I’ve never worked a day in my life. I can’t say I was uncomfortable, just the opposite. The design studio feels very familiar. Walls lined with style boards, fabric rolls in every corner, everyone multitasking, and garments draped on anything. I found myself just tired from thinking.
Now my home is not quite as neat. There is still laundry in the hamper and a load in the dryer. Hand washing a few dishes because I haven’t emptied the dishwasher. A couple of weeks ago this would really have bothered me.
Over the last few years I’ve worked from home on a few fashion assignments. Convenient, but solitary and somewhat boring.
I’m excited to have interesting projects and smart conversations with knowledgable people. It’s fun to have small personal discussions about men, kids, movies, lunches, men, weddings, friends… It just feels so good to be in a creative atmosphere again. I think I’ll go back again tomorrow.
Note: prep for 1st Day of Work. Hair, nails, clothes chosen, iPad charged and car washed. More highlights please.