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Over the last two years since we have been living at 95448, I’ve come to appreciate the national and even international draw the town has. On a Friday the checkout line at the grocery may be speaking French. The couple next to you at the incredible pizza spot are talking in German. I’m sure I’ve mentioned the likes of Lady Gaga, Pink, Michele Pfeiffer, Seth Rogen, or Patrick Dempsey walking around the Plaza. Tony Bennett staying at our chic hotel and I was in line getting coffee with Seth Green. (I didn’t know where I knew him from and asked if he had done a photo shoot with me). We were both mortified for different reasons.
Today was the best surprise. Walking toward the Plaza after an early dinner, I saw walking toward us a very Irish looking slender red head who looked very familiar. Elizabeth Washington ran right into us. Elizabeth was one of the friendly faces when I was in solitary confinement. Even when it was detrimental to her Job, she was respectful and a desk where I could stop and have girl talk.
So Elizabeth and friend spent an hour or so at our bar reminiscing and making me feel great. I know she was excited to bump into me and I hope she knows how meaningful it was for me. Please someone, send this to her.