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On most mornings I hike the trails in the foothills near my home. Today I had to dart between the rain bursts. Between those bursts it was fabulous. I’m used to seeing bunnies, Jack rabbits, quail, deer and even an occasional coyote. A real treat about 8 am as I was almost at Fox Pond I heard a great rushing and whooshing over my head. A large Blue Herring landed in the marsh wetlands about 20 feet away. Of course by the time I reacted with my iPhone camera all I got was the pond.
We are blessed living in such a remarkable area and so happy that some people years ago thought to reserve the wetlands around 95448.
Its now 8pm and as I’m writing this I realize I’m still in my Lycra pants, hoodie and sneakers. Lazy or just part of the women’s comfort club? Does anyone else do this?