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/>The scene in our kitchen is pretty shocking. Headless chickens and tailless bunnies. The yellow tulips are wilted, the floor littered with pink, green and purple grass. It’s the day after Easter.
Our Easter Egg Hunt went off with only one hitch. A computer glitch I told everyone but it was a Karen screw up. I was so excited giving out the rules and picking the teams that before I blew the starter horn, I forgot to check the clues. So the green team got the yellow clues and vis versa. When the blue team finished way ahead of others, I was even surprised. They won Big Chicken blowup Oscar award and I kept my mouth shut.
What a treat to have both my girls home for a family event. Has not happened in several years. Nothing gives me that warm feeling of a comfortable home like when everyone is here.
Too much food, (my savory breakfast bread pudding was moist, cheesy and yes, even savory) and the Honey Baked Ham bunny, dressed like the UPS man delivered right on time. Fruit tarts, coffee cake, strawberry butter with sticky buns all washed down with Mimosas. Maybe that explains the “computer glitch”. Can’t wait to open the pool on Memorial Day.