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Happy Easter and the unofficial gateway to spring. Easter back in Northern Wisconsin/Minnesota (Twin Ports), started with deep prayer.”Please God, don’t let it snow cause I want to wear my new baby blue heels on Sunday”. Snow or not, we dressed up in our sherbet colors like it was 68 degrees and sunny.
I’m noticing this year that Easter seems to be squeezed into maybe a day and a half. Its Thursday and there are no signs of the holiday to be found. Even though I see lots of ads for spiral hams, no mention of Easter. So far, not one “Happy Easter”, as I shop around town. I guess with our melting pot of a nation, and political correctness, everyone is afraid to offend one group or another. It makes me sad. I feel like I’ve lost another piece of my childhood.
Planning my annual Egg Hunt for Sunday. Annual except we haven’t had one for the last 3 years. First due to moving and then the kids were not around. This year we have a full house.
Of course “the kids” are very grown up but are now unruly adults when it comes to all games. It’s surprising that with XBox and video games they still love the heritage egg hunt. It becomes very serious and competitive, with even some high jinks and cheating. My Jewish husband is the worst big kid. Tossing the other teams egg down the hill is not unheard of. The prize is a giant chocolate bunny and bragging rights for the year. Big egos.
This year @ 95448 it will be 68 degrees. My baby blue shoes will be just fine. Happy Easter to believers and kids of all ages. And April Love to everyone. (think Pat Boone)