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A cold, windy and very rainy morning. Just the perfect time for comfort food and cozy comfort duds. I’m in my old but favorite jeans and oversized Woolrich cotton navy sweater which is achient . It works on fat days and skinny days. My jeans are tight enough to hold in my tummy but loose enough to eat more. To keep the frizz to a controlled minimum, my grey hoodie vest pulled up around my neck. Just to make sure I add a cotton knit giant purple scarf. Now for the food.
Our favorite local “breakfast all day” spot is 6 minutes away. Everything here is 6 minutes away. Its right on our Plaza and we are regulars and friendly with the owners. Like me, they are from Minnesota and the soups taste just like my Grandma’s. This morning it’s pancakes.
Although I am constantly fighting the scale and the extra 10 pounds I tend to gain in the winter, I eat pancakes often. Remembering a quote from Jackie Kennedy as she made public her fight with cancer. Always very chic and slender we imagined correctly she was a disciplined healthy eater. I can still hear her breathy voice at the press conference; “damn, I should have eaten more pancakes”.
I give myself pancakes.