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Don Draper even looks good bedraggled. Mad Men is finally back and I planned my entire day around a 6:00pm TVdate with the Sixties. I can’t remember either Ed Sullivan or The Wonderful World of Disney taking an18 month break on Sunday nights. Don’t understand or like the new way TV takes a long sleep between “seasons”.

As a woman, some of the topics and attitudes are uncomfortably familiar. I did see several Mod dresses I would love to have again. I remember keeping it a secret that I could type so I would not be given secretarial work. (pre PC keyboards). Twice I was the token female manager. Their experiment in women as sorta equals. The only woman having after hours drinks in the bosses office just to keep in the loop, awkward at best. A thousand stories in the urban jungle. Thousands of women to tell them. Where was Gloria Allred?
Sure did love The Draper Mid-Century apartment featured tonight. Great use of wood and stylish low sectional with glitzy bright pillows. Cool wallpaper. So if I could just come around again like the fashions and interiors, I would be soooo much wiser.
(note: be watchful for constant spelling errors. I was painting hall murals in the 2nd and 3rd grades)