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Saturday morning 6am. Up and At’em. Our St. Patrick’s Day people’s parade starts at 7 am sharp. I’m in the parade! Well along with several hundred residence. You see it started 18 years ago when 2 old timers sitting at the saloon early on St Patricks Day decided we needed a parade in town. So they became the parade. It swelled to 12 people the following year and so on. Not sanctioned by the town and no permit it’s the closest I will come to an Occupy March. The nearest to the Town Council giving its nod is the fire truck that brings up the rear protecting us from irate drivers. So meeting at the original saloon and around the Plaza and back for Irish Coffee and a deep toned, tear jerking rendition of O’Danny Boy. The parade has a kelly green tulle wearing queen with several sparkling attendants as well as kilts, bag pipes, a self imposed king and best of all the towns people. All ages from bundled up babes to old people who proudly proclaim to be part of the “Original Twelve”. (Sounds like a 60’s protest organization.) Magical fun in 95448.

New this year was the response from the weekend tourists. Having heard the swanky hotel in town was unhappy with our noise at this morning hour, they complained. Needless to say everyone sings and yells loader as we pass by. Maybe because it was a Saturday, several of the guest were out on their balconies cheering the parade on. One guy was so excite that while waving he lost control of his robe. We all got excited too! I need a knap.