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Yes…I did fall off the face of the earth, however I’m sharpening my nails and clawing my way back onto our messy, troublesome, sometimes unrecognizable but beautiful planet. From Oprah’s Favorite pajamas to self imposed obscurity. A purposeful exile of sorts. Thank heaven I have Mad Men to remind me how far I’ve come.

Moving 2 years ago to Sonoma County, California, (famous for its vineyards and The Bachelor), I’m tending my new olive orchard and taking time figuring out what my 2nd, or 3rd Act is going to be. TICK TOCK.

Starting the Karen Neuburger sleepwear business when I was 40 something, that was actually my 2nd Act. Although I love my olives, my western sunset view and our rural lifestyle, I still want to “do something” implausible again. As I work through my “something” quest here in 95448, (this zip code ships more wine then any other in the US), I’ve decided to think out loud.That usually makes things clearer. In thinking out loud I’ll be writing down the irregular moments off my everyday life.

I’ve lost 12 lbs lately, only because I gained 15 eating my way thru the county’s scrumptious restaurants and farmers markets. I walk / hike almost daily. Do you have to be in the woods to be considered hiking? I shop organic-local and have become the “recycle cop”. What’s the worse sin?
All the extra water I use to rinse containers or throwing them in the garbage bin? One of my biggest challenges is getting any spot out of the laundry and I’m as in love with my Perfect Steam cycle as Richard (husband) is with the big screen TV.

Although I’m in small town USA, Pop Culture still finds me daily. My iPhone and iPad announce the trends that I “need” in my life and I admit I still want. I recently painted my sharpened but short nails Sephora’s Angel Grey, probably influenced by the must-read new novel, Fifty Shades of Grey. Holy crap! Richard, my husband, thought my grey nails came from smashing them in the car door. A pair of peach jeans, some nude shoes, an orange clutch and a new yellow sectional for the living room are now on my spring wish list. So much for the simple life in 95448.