Laundry Geek -smoke out

Kids come home with dirty clothes

Removing smoke smell from a almost new parka. After airing out and then washing, the jacket needed a deeper dive into removing the smell. A cup of vinegar usually works but this time I also added a cup of baking soda. The same stuff to get the tuna smell out of the refrigerator works on clothes too.  Success!  She must have flown too close to the sun.


Laundry Geek

Maybe a sign of OCD, being frugal or not having enough to do (not), but I’ve always been a laundry geek.  My girls still bring me their clothes that need tender care or indelible spots removed.  And yes I guess I take pride in getting the stains out and the endearing pieces of special clothing looking new again.  We all need our own accomplishments.  Here in Sonoma County I do a fair amount of drying and freshening my clothes and linens outdoors.  That just adds to the delight of what I call a country clean attitude. Like throwing open the windows on your first warm spring day.  I’m also delighted that my dryer has a steam setting which tends to fluff out even the oldest sweaters, winter coats, and snugly scarves.  As you can tell I have if not an addiction to being a laundry geek, at least a healthy dedication.

So for my millennial and gen x daughters and people like them, I’m creating a diary. “MOM, the Laundry Geek,”  to go along with all my other advice like: keep your girlfriends close, speak up confidently in meetings and wear clean underwear.

Nothing like clean pajamas.


Spring in February.


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Hacked away at my lavender today so I would get new healthy and lush spring growth.  Using my allergy medicine already as budding happening in every corner of the yard and the county.  I remember  when living back in the Twin Ports we would have about 3 to 5 days of spring in February.  I would roll down the windows in the car, house, everywhere.  Shorts would come out of moth balls. Then the snow would come again. The worst (and best) snow storm ever was on St. Patrick’s Day.  You had to be very strategic deciding where exactly to get stranded during a snow storm.  I’ve found exciting places to be marooned. Truth, this is not my lavender, but hoping for a beautiful spring crop.   

Feeling Current


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Yes I now have an UBER APP.  Getting around LA. is so much easier. I remember walking miles in my corporate heels after the LA Market because there were no taxis to be found. Now we have a ride in 2 to 4 minutes. Of course now I’m usually in my sneakers. Oh well. 

On the plane my seat partner recommended we find The Little Door.  My girls can get us thru any velvet ropes but this place was welcoming. Rustic doors with no sign open to a magical exotic garden. All with trees branches and sparkling lights between you and the stars. Miraculous bartender and beautiful photo deserving  drinks I’ve never heard of.  Yes, food is outstanding and inventive. Best of all: I was with my two daughters. Don’t wait too long to do an adventure with your daughters. On with ours today at The Lot. So excited for today to meet up with my friend and introduce my daughters Dany and Alex to her.  

Leaving on a jet plane. 

Heading to LA to visit an old friend. My two daughters in tow. If you are going to be the least coolest one in the place, at least it’s your girls that out shine you. So looking forward to this. “When you say it out loud a little hurt goes away. “. More mid week when I know how great I feel. Or not. At least it’s cooler in LA. 102 in Sonoma right now.   See you Wednesday. 


My Home Is My Studio

Hi to anyone who maybe listening.  (Like ET phoning home) I haven’t been writing on my blog for over a year. My New Year’s resolution ( as in birthday new year not calendar new year)  is to get back up on the horse and ride again.  Not a great metaphor but you understand.  I don’t even remember the tech of adding photos or media so this note is just to hold myself to myself.  Once you say it out loud, or as it is in my blog – it’s a commitment.  Like the diet you tell your friends you are starting.  So more to come about life in Sonoma County, 95448 and my in home studio creating conversation, questions, and inspiration for everyday life in 2015.

Willie and Waylon “on the road again”


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Milwaukee and Houston mini Media Tour.
Things I Love: Met some great people. Always fun to talk with Brand Fans in the stores and over TV. The sales people who sell KN and remember all the PJ Parties, Cookbook, Popcorn, and Book signings are just the best. They’ve hung in there for us.
Things I hate: Makeup, seeing myself on TV, and my husbands critiques. He was easy one this trip.
So happy to be almost home. Farmers market in the AM and hike with a girlfriend. Someone can come and cook for me on Sunday, Mother’s Day. Im not leaving.